Make the road

WOOLF Ride, rendi la strada più sicura


WOOLF, avvisa ma non distrae

WOOLF/Moto improves your response time allowing you to keep an eye on your speed and on what surrounds you.

Many warnings, of your choosing, but only one type of signal: slow down and pay attention.

The WOOLF_ID App works with the screen off. Don't take your eyes off the road and reduce the causes of distraction.


Many vehicles
one community

Community to WOOLF_ID means sharing and safety for all travelers.

WOOLF/Moto is precious on whichever vehicle you use for your daily movements. Join the community WOOLF_ID and give your priceless contribution! With a simple gesture, you can notify1 the zones where to pay attention.

All users will take advantage of your warning.

WOOLF, tanti mezzi una community

It's safe

Your safety is our priority. Your new driving assistant goes with you also during your journeys abroad and it guarantees security in terms of reliability and quality of components.

WOOLF Cloud services pay close attention also to protection of personal data and privacy.

WOOLF: tanti mezzi, una community

It's legal

WOOLF/Moto is a perfectly legal device. It doesn't intercept or render ineffective the control systems, for this reason it doesn't break any rules of the road.

The fact that WOOLF_ID was awarded by the European Union funding for research & innovation Horizon 2020 proves the legality of the device and its aim of improving road safety.


your WOOLF/Moto

WOOLF, scegli il tuo

(1) this function will be available from june 2019