The best

WOOLF Ride, il miglior assistente alla guida

Active with just 2 gestures

WOOLF/Moto is your new driving assistant that, vibrating, alerts you when to pay more attention without distracting you. Turn it on with few simple gestures. The database is constantly updating without PC connection.

Hasn't it warned you against a new speed camera? Notify it with a simple gesture1.

WOOLF, attivo in 2 gesti

Daily assistance

WOOLF/Moto goes with you during your daily movements. It assists you driving and connects to your smartphone without weighing it down! It takes up little storage space, offering outstanding performance.

WOOLF/Moto is freestanding and doesn't distract you sending advertising messages. Set up your WOOLF_ID based on your need; customize the notifications adapting them to your daily driving.

WOOLF, assistenza quotidiana

No distractions

Your travel companions will thank you, WOOLF/Moto is silent and doesn't bother you while driving.

Connect WOOLF/Moto to your smartphone, turn the screen off and leave! WOOLF_ID doesn't require continuous internet connection2 nor does it need the screen of your smartphone on during its usage.

WOOLF, nessuna distrazione

The world for everybody

WOOLF_ID assists you also during your journeys abroad. The device works without continuous internet connection3 or roaming.

The WOOLF_ID App requires active connection only for the update. During its usage, it only needs GPS and Bluetooth® turned on.

Goodbye to frequent charging; the battery is engineered to last over 1 month4.

WOOLF, il mondo per tutti

Made in Italy

WOOLF/Moto boasts high quality materials and design 100% Made in Italy. It's discreet, compact and doesn't substitute other vehicle accessories.

WOOLF/Moto offers you comfort, resistance and durability. You can serenely travel all over the world, WOOLF/Moto is water, damage and high-temperature stress resistant.

WOOLF Ride, resistente agli urti


WOOLF Ride, resistente all'acqua


WOOLF Ride, ricarica USB


WOOLF, Made in Italy

your WOOLF/Moto

WOOLF, scegli il tuo

(1) function available from 2019

(2),(3) some functions and alerts may need an active data connection

(4) with a daily journey from home to workplace of 60 minutes